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Tarocchi Of Mantegna Cards

The Tarocchi Of Mantegna Cards

This is a short article about some real historical facts of the Tarocchi of Mantegna Cards. A deck of card dating back to either 1465 A.D. or 1506 A.D.

Like most historical or any other 'fact' there will always be two sides to the coin. Some believe these cards belonged to Andrea Mantegna while others believe that they belong to Parrasio Michele.


An empty tomb In a dusty old room .

Death does not exist, it is a word that humans created to communicate to each other that a person’s body was probably never to move again. I believe the ancient Egyptians used the word ‘Osiris’ for describing such a state.

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Re-editing one of my old guide books, trying to make it a lot more tasty ;) It will only be published as an E-Book, because it contains high resolution pictures from Abydos. The book title is The Temple of a Million Years, Where Death Dwells.

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