The History Of Tarot: Tarot for Beginners



Sunday, May 06, 2007

for Beginners

The History of Tarot - The Basic
Starting Point:
I recommend taking you're time in these first steps, because they will be very important. The first step in the practice of Tarot (tarot-reading) is the choice of cards, which deck will fit your personality the best? There is many thousands of tarot deck, everything from angle cards to the Indians totem animals. This part should be taken very seriously, as these will be the messenger to you.

Personal account:
I will here give you my personal account, so you have something to compare to; Back in 1995-96 I bought ‘the standard tarot deck’, which is Aleister Crowley’s tarot deck. I call this deck standard, because it is standard here in Denmark where I live, and actually it is mostly this deck of cards that the shops carry. Then I started out in the small way, making reading for myself. But personally I found it harder to do a reading over myself, I tend to think the very worst about myself. The very best way – is non-existing – like everything else ‘perfect’. For several years I practiced with these cards (but I have to personally state, I don’t like them or their way of illustrating its message they bring even darker images in my head when reading them – too dark cards for me - personally). Around 1999 me and my parents took a little train trip to Sweden/Malmø, I truly love this city, and its connection to the old is still more visible than here in Denmark. We were walking on an old brick road (I love these old roads, the feel of them are more real than anything in reality itself). Suddenly my mother said, is that not a store which you would like? I looked up and saw a store window filled with Tarot cards and crystals and such. I very quickly entered the store, and found what I was looking for. They had so many tarot decks that I was just about to be confused by all the different symbolism, when suddenly I saw the cards that I am now using. It took me years to find the ‘right’ set of cards for me personally.
Books about Tarot reading
The next part is the books which you will have to study, you don’t have to read a book from start to finish, but rather let your passions guide you. Normally there will be a little pamphlet added to the tarot deck which you buy, this book will be from the authors behind that deck of cards. Besides this there are some good basic books about all that you need to know. But no one starts out as an expert in anything at all, we all must crawl before we can walk. So I personally recommend that you let your own intuition pick, both the cards and books, which you have a ‘feel’ from. The next step will be to practice everyday, which you should probably start with your self. Before any reading, it is a good idea to focus your heart and mind. Some might meditate, this is to reach a more subconscious level of awareness inside your self. If you have no idear as to where to start, here are some ideas; After you have done what you needed to do, to reach your inner levels. You hold the cards imagine all your inner senses touching the cards, make them reach for the impossible by your mere thoughts. You will now put the cards on your table and just mingle them round and round, until you feel comfortably. Then you gather them together again, again you hold them for a while (you’re ritual can continue as you like). To start with, just pick one card, and take a GOOD look at it. Notice everything portrayed on the card, use your instincts to guide you. Ask your self what emotions the card creates in you, do they create any images inside you? Do you basically like this card, or don’t you? And is it possible for you to answer, why? Is there anything specific that stands out from the surroundings? And how are you feelings towards that element? Add your own questions test your own observations skills by; Write down what you see/feel and other things which you feel the card brings out in you. Then you can put the card away, let there go hours or even days, and return to the card, and see how your emotions are reacting to the card now (This should not be done for a real reading, only Practicing).